OFFICE OF THE PROVOST, 1967-1974, 2002-

Administrative History: The position of Provost was created in 1967 and assigned responsibility for institutional planning and development of policy concerning administrative, fiscal, and academic objectives and needs. The position was discontinued after the resignation of John W. Cowee on January 1, 1974. The position was re-established subsequent to the discontinuation of the Offices of the Executive Vice President and Academic Affairs in August 2002.



Kimo Ah Yun (Interim 2018-2019), 2019-
Daniel J. Myers, 2015-2018
Margaret Faut Callahan (Interim), 2013-2015
John J. Pauly, 2008-2013
David L. Shrock (Interim), 2008
Madeline Wake, 2002-2007
John W. Cowee, 1968-1974


Scope and Content: These records are arranged into series corresponding to the tenures of individual Provosts.


Restrictions: Access to select records from the Provost's office is restricted for 25 years from the closing date of the tenure of the President under whom each Provost served. Written permission from the Provost’s office is required to obtain access prior to the expiration of this restriction. Otherwise, access to these records is unrestricted. However, the researcher assumes full responsibility for conforming with the laws of libel, privacy, and copyright which may be involved in the use of these records. Consult an archivist for further information.


Series 1 John W. Cowee, 1968-1974
Series 2 Provost's Records, 2002-ongoing