Series 1 Alpha Sigma Nu
Series 2 Sigma Alpha Eta
Series 3 Sigma Delta Chi
Series 4 Theta Sigma Phi
Series 5 Sigma Xi, Zeta Kappa Gamma
Series 6 Fraternities and Sororities
Series 6.1 Fraternities and Sororities(Restricted: Inventory in Archives)
Series 7 Band, 1881-ongoing
Series 8 Student Government
Series 9 Debate and Forensics
Series 9.2 Debate and Forensics, Realia
Series 10 Clubs, Councils, and Societies
Series 10.1 Clubs, Councils, and Societies (Restricted: Inventory in Archives)
Series 11 Commuter Students
Series 12 Marquette Players, Marquette Theatre (SEE ALSO: C-11.1, C-19)
Series 13 Student Organization Directories and Handbooks
Series 14 Chorus, 1930-ongoing