B-12.1 Marquette College Cornerstone, 1800-1880

History:  The Marquette College cornerstone was part of the original Marquette College building at 1004 W. State Street, where the University was first located. The stone was laid on August 15, 1880. The building was occupied by Marquette College from 1881 to 1906, by Marquette University High School from 1906 to 1925, by St. Benedict the Moor School from 1925 to 1967, and by the Urban Day School from 1967 to 1969. In March 1970, the building was razed to allow for the expansion of St. Anthony Hospital. The cornerstone was removed on February 9, 1970, and its contents transferred to the University Archives. The face of the stone was placed in the wall of the Memorial Library 1971 addition. The stone was removed in 2003 and installed on the first floor of the John P. Raynor, S.J., Library.

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Arrangement:  This record group contains the contents of the Marquette College cornerstone, listed alphabetically.

Separation Note:  The cornerstone contained photographs of Archbishop John M. Henni; Father Stanislaus P. Lalumiere, pastor of St. Gall's Church and building committee chair for the college; Auxiliary Bishop Michael Heiss; Pope Leo XIII; Mayor Thomas H. Brown; and the Very Rev. P. J. Donohue. All of these photographs, except that of Donohue, suffered severe deterioration and were discarded in February 2003. The photograph of Donohue was reproduced as a digital print, and the original was then discarded. The metal box that contained various items within the cornerstone was also discarded.

A 1970 inventory of the cornerstone contents lists the presence of 24 coins and 25 medals. When the collection was processed in 2003, there were 12 coins and 26 medals.

B-12.1 Marquette College Cornerstone, 1800-1880