Series Box Folder Title
C-1.17 3-IBK 1 "The Concept of Sin of Soren Kierkegaard," Unpublished typescript, 66 pp., 1942
C-1.17 3-IBK 1 "Written to the Romans from Corinth Through the Deaconess Pheobe of the Church in Cenchraea," a study relating to the experience and testimony of the Christian prototype, St. Paul, Unpublished typescript, 218 pp., 1947
C-1.17 3-IBK 1 "The Method of Jesus and The Nature of Paul's Christ-Fellowship," Unpublished typescript, 200 pp., 1946, 1948
C-1.17 3-IBK 1 "Jeremiah:  The Suffering Servant," Unpublished Typescript, 338 pp., 1949, (with commentary by faculty at Northwestern Lutheran Theological Seminary)
C-1.17 3-IBK 2 "An Interpretation of Western Civilization, General Information and Book I:  Humanism, Chapters I-VI," Unpublished typescript, 384 pp., 1953-1958
C-1.17 3-IBK 2 "Book I:  Humanism, Part II, Chapters VII-IX," Unpublished typescript, 425 pp., 1953-1958
C-1.17 3-IBK 3 "An Interpretation of Western Civilization, Book I:  Humanism, Part III, Chapters IX-X," Unpublished typescript, 310 pp., 1953-1958
C-1.17 3-IBK 3 "Alpha and Omega:  Being a Commentary on Genesis 1-11 and Revelations, 7-12," Unpublished typescript, 404 pp., and drawings, 1958-1959
C-1.17 3-IBK 4 "The Concept of the Church in Lutheran Unity," Unpublished Typescript, 405 pp., 1959-1960
C-1.17 3-IBK 4 "Kierkegaard's Concept of   'Becoming A Christian,'" dissertation for Master of Sacred Theology Degree, Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, Unpublished typescript, draft, 340 pp., 1973-1974

Series 3-IBK

Series Box Folder Title
C-1.17 3-IBK 5 "Kierkegaard's Concept of 'Becoming a Christian,'" dissertation submitted for Master of Sacred Theology degree, Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, Typescript, 232 pp., June 1975
C-1.17 3-IBK 5 "The Nature and Extent of Revelation Part I: Nature, Unpublished typescript, 237 pp., plus introduction and typescript revision of various sections of text, 1977-1978
C-1.17 3-IBK 5 "The Nature and Extent of Revelation, Part II:  Revelation," Unpublished typescript, 292 pp., 1978-1979
C-1.17 3-IBK 5 "A Report on Bernard Lonergan," Unpublished paper for Theology 303, Marquette University, 9 pp., 29 November 1982
C-1.17 3-IBK 5 "The Relation of Freedom to Atheism in Jean-Paul Sarte," Unpublished Paper for Theology 302, Marquette University, 24 pp., 18 April 1984
C-1.17 3-IBK 5 "Justification By Faith:  An Analysis of the Lutheran-Catholic Understanding," Unpublished paper for Theology 281, Marquette University, 32 pp., 1984
C-1.17 3-IBK 5 Obituary, Funeral and Marquette Memorial Service programs, and Christmas Letter from Kindem Family containing thoughts by family members and entries from Kindem's diary, 1985
C-1.17 3-IBK 5 Correspondence with Dr. Kenneth Hagen, (Kindem's friend and graduate advisor in Theology) and other Marquette Faculty, 1982-1985