Conference Center Access

MU Students, Faculty & Staff || Alumni || Non-MU Attendees  || Name Badges || Registration Table


Current MU Students, Faculty, and Staff

All Marquette students, faculty and staff have access to the Library and Conference Center by using their Marquette ID in the turnstiles.



MU Alumni will present a valid MU alumni card and a photo ID at the first floor Circulation/Visitor Registration Desk.


Non-MU Attendees

 If the conference/meeting will have 9 or fewer non-MU attendees, the event organizer will provide a list of names to the library Access Services department or the Coordinator for Conference Center Services prior to the event. The list will be used by the library to register the attendees and provide them with name badges.

If the conference/meeting will have 10 or more non-MU attendees, the Conference Center staff will provide a table and chairs in the first floor lobby for event registration. The table must be staffed by the department that is sponsoring the event. Name badges must be provided to all non-MU guests.

When registration for the event is complete, a list will be provided to the library circulation staff.


Name Badges

Name badges must contain the following information:

  • first and last name
  • date(s) of event
  • event name

Name badge must be visible at all times.


Registration Table

The registration table must be staffed at all times until the department has completed the registrations. When registrations are completed the Circulation Desk should be notified so that the table and chairs can be removed from the lobby. Items abandoned on the tables will be discarded.