Whole Person Wellness

A research study of a Student Wellness Program
Participation is voluntary.


Do you want to learn ways to find greater balance in your life? To feel less stressed, be kinder to yourself, and experience more gratitude? Join us on a 6-week wellness journey!

Details below:

  • WHO can participate?
  • WHAT is it?
  • WHEN is it?
  • WHERE is it?
  • HOW do I register?

Any Marquette student can participate.

Wellness Program:

Relaxation, yoga, gratitude/self-compassion and more.... 

The program will take place on Wednesdays 5pm-6pm

The goal is to have 2 groups during the spring semester. The first group will start around January 31 and the second around March 21. Students are not able to pick their start date, they will be randomly assigned to a group

Center for Student Wellness - 707 Building Suite #130

Please email wholepersonwellness@marquette.edu with the subject line "interested in student wellness". Please include your name and preferred contact phone number in the body of the email. A brief phone screener is needed before we can enroll you.