Create a Microsoft Teams meeting from Outlook Calendar

To schedule a Teams meeting via Microsoft Outlook

  1. Open Outlook from your desktop or go to Outlook on the Web.
    Microsoft Outlook icon
  2. In the lower-left corner, click or tap the Calendar view icon.

    Outlook calendar icon

  3. Calendar view appears. In the upper right. click or tap New Teams Meeting (Outlook) or New Event (Outlook on the Web).

    New Teams meeting or New event

  4. In Outlook, a meeting window appears. Click or tap the image to enlarge.
    Outlook meeting window

    In Outlook on the Web, a prompt appears in your browser. Click or tap the image to enlarge.
    Outlook on the Web meeting prompt

    1. Enter a title/subject for your meeting.
    2. Add participants by typing their names and selecting from the autocomplete menu, or enter their email addresses.
    3. Select a date, start time and end time.
    4. Add a description about your meeting or attach documents.
    5. For Outlook on the Web, be sure to click or tap the Teams meeting switch that makes this meeting a Teams meeting.
    Note that with Outlook on the Web, you won't see the Teams meeting details — the join link, call-in number and Conference ID — until after the invitation is sent.

  5. In the upper left, click or tap Send to create the Teams meeting, sending the email invitation to participants. The meeting will appear on your calendar in both Outlook and Microsoft Teams.

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