Join a Teams Online Class or Meeting

Access the Join Meeting link

For Instructors and Meeting Organizers

Instructors and Meeting Organizers: Go to your calendar in Outlook on the Web Calendar, Microsoft Outlook calendar or Microsoft Teams calendar.

  • Double-click to fully open the specific calendar event item for your online class session/meeting. If you single-click, a pop-up preview of the event may appear, and the preview may not show you what you need.
  • Click or tap the "Join Microsoft Teams Meeting" link or, if displayed, the Join button. If needed, right-click (Windows) or control-click (Mac) the Join link, and select Open Hyperlink.

    Teams online class session details

For Attendees (including students)

Student attendees: Your instructor has several ways to notify you with details about joining the Teams online class session, which includes the essential "Join Microsoft Teams Meeting" link.

  • You receive an email directly from the instructor.
  • You have access to the D2L course site, which may include the join meeting link.
  • You receive an email from the class Teams site or a conversation post on the class Teams site — if your instructor has chosen to use a class Teams site.
  • You receive an Outlook calendar invitation and, upon acceptance, the invitation becomes an event item in your calendar.

Faculty and staff attendees: Most Microsoft Teams meetings will be in your calendar in Outlook on the Web Calendar, Microsoft Outlook calendar or Microsoft Teams calendar.

Join the Microsoft Teams meeting

  1. If you click or tap the Join Meeting link, your web browser may prompt you to select between the Web version and the desktop version. Select the option to open the Teams desktop version.

    Select Teams prompt
  2. You are not in the online meeting session yet. Using a laptop? Be sure to plug it into power before you join. A Teams meeting audio-video screen may require you to choose an audio option before the "Join now" button can activate.

    Select audio option

    After you select an audio choice, decide if you want to turn on your camera. If you are using a camera and you want to mask your surroundings, select the Background filters option. If you do not see background filters, make sure you are using the desktop application and not a web browser.

    Join button

    Once you choose an audio option, Teams will use that option for future meetings you join.
  3. Click or tap the Join Now button to join the online meeting session. You will see Teams display "Connecting..." If you are early and the first to join, you will see "Waiting for others to join..." Or participants who have already joined will appear. Unless you are the instructor or meeting leader, it's best to switch to mute in online meetings when you are not speaking to avoid background noise.


Please contact the IT Services TechSquad for questions about Microsoft Teams.