Using Presenter Modes When Sharing in a Teams Meeting

Microsoft Teams lets presenters add their video feed when sharing content in a Teams meeting. Note that the three video feed presenter modes — Standout Mode, Side-by-side Mode and Reporter Mode — require the presenter to use the Teams desktop version. While in a Teams meeting, the presenter turns on the video camera then clicks or taps the share content icon.

Share content

A sharing tray appears with four presenter modes, as described in the sections that follow.

Four presenter modes

Select a mode then choose either your screen or a specific window to begin sharing. For Standout Mode, Side-by-side Mode and Reporter Mode, a smaller preview window shows you what your participants see as you are presenting. If you close this preview window and you want it back, you will need to restart sharing using one of the three video feed presenter modes.

Content Only Mode

If you have shared content or your screen in a Microsoft Teams meeting before, you have used Content Only Mode. This is the standard mode where only the content you share appears. Your video feed does not appear in the shared content.

Content only mode


Standout Mode

Microsoft Teams offers Standout Mode when sharing content with an active camera. Standout Mode superimposes your video feed, minus any background, so just your video feed appears in the bottom-right corner of a shared screen. Keep in mind that your video feed may cover any shared content in the lower-right corner of the screen. If blocking lower-right content is an issue, consider using Side-by-side mode or Reporter mode.

Standout Mode

Watch the video to see Standout Mode in action.


Side-by-side Mode

Side-by-side Mode divides the sharing screen between your shared content and your video feed against a screen-wide background image.

Side by side mode


Reporter Mode

The Reporter Mode shows your shared content as if you were anchoring a live news broadcast. Your shared content and your video feed are set against a screen-wide background image.

Reporter Mode


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