Make a Test Call before a Teams meeting

Microsoft Teams features a test call to check your mic, speaker and camera before you join an online class session/meeting. Use the Microsoft Teams desktop software for a test call. The test call is not available via web browser.

Making a Test Call in Teams

  1. In the upper right of the Microsoft Teams main window, note your profile icon.
    1. Select your profile icon to reveal a dropdown menu.
    2. From the menu, select Settings.

    Settings menu

  2. The Settings window appears.
    1. Click or tap the Devices section in the left column.
    2. Click or tap the Make a test call button.

    Device settings and make a test call button

  3. The test call connects. Follow the instructions from the Teams Echo automated service. A chime cues you to begin speaking. Teams Echo records your voice. (Microsoft will not store your recorded message.)
  4. A second chime marks the end of the recording.
  5. Teams Echo plays back your message to check call quality.
    Note to macOS Catalina users with mic and camera trouble:
    See how to set Teams permissions for your mic, camera and screen sharing for your Mac.
  6. Click or tap the leave/hang up icon to end the test call. Microsoft Teams will display your test call results. If the call quality was good, you are ready for the meeting. Click or tap Close.

    If the test call was problematic, click or tap Go to device settings to troubleshoot.

    Test Results


Please contact the IT Services Help Desk for questions about Microsoft Teams.