Process Overview

The AJCU has identified the following Mission Priority Examen process, which Marquette is following:

Flow Chart showing Mission Priority Examen Process. See outline after image

Flowchart description 

Title: Flowchart for the MPE Process

  1. After consultation with the Provincial Assistant for Higher Education, school commits to conducting an Examen in a given academic year. The school notifies Rev. Michael Sheeran, S.J., President of the AJCU, of their intent. 
  2. AJCU Staff and past Self-study Chairs answer questions about the MPE and documents through a video conference orientation for new Self-study Chairs; Provincial Assistants remain available for guidance.
  3. School and Provincial Assistant select the Peer Visitor Team and Chair, and establish dates for the campus visit, in consultation with her/him. AJCU provides a video conference orientation for Peer Visitor Team Chairs. 
  4. School submits to Fr. Sheeran a two-page outline and timetable for their MPE. Based on broad consultation, Self-study Committee writes a report that reflects on current mission priorities, and establishes Jesuit Mission Priorities for the future .
  5. Peer Team visits the school and sends a draft Peer Visitor Report. School may respond to the Peer Team Chair with corrections of fact and/or opinion. Peer Team revises report, as needed. 
  6. School reflects on the final input of the Peer Visitors, makes desired changes to the Jesuit Mission Priorities in the Self· study, and writes a final Executive Summary.
  7. Provincial sends his recommendations, with the Self· study, final Executive summary, and final Peer Visitor Report, to Fr. General in Rome. Jesuit Conference President sends advice to Fr. General School President writes Fr. General, accepting Jesuit Mission Priorities.
  8. Fr. General sends letter to the Provincial, who communicates an overview of the General's comments to the President of the school and AJCU President.
  9. School works to implement its Jesuit Mission Priorities in concrete ways. Provincial Assistant provides his Provincial with a brief, annual report on the school's progress toward goals.