Diversity Liaison Officers

The Marquette University Police Department Diversity Liaison Officers (DLO) strive to bridge the gap between law enforcement and the Marquette University community, working towards a mutual goal of understanding. The DLOs volunteer for additional duties, which creates an atmosphere of willingness to solve the issues that are brought to their attention. The DLO's are available, should an issue arise or simply just to talk. Don't suffer in silence, help is just a few steps away. Feel free to contact MUPD at 414-288-6800 and ask to speak to a DLO. You will then be directed to an officer who can best assist you with your concern.


Sergeant J. Williams Sergeant J. Williams

I have been with the Marquette University Police Department since 2015. 

When I heard MUPD was starting a Diversity Liaison Program, I knew I had to be a part of it. I have always had a passion for diversity, equality, and fairness in law enforcement. I am a people person and willing to talk to anyone at any time, which allows me to gather information that will allow me to better assist the individual, no matter the issue at hand. I was promoted to the rank of sergeant in February of 2020, which has placed me in a new role but allows me to be more involved in the MU community and surrounding area. 

Officer J. Martinez Officer J. Martinez

I have been a Police Officer with MUPD since 2016.

I became a DLO to bridge the gap between students and police officers. I’d like to get to know and speak with students regarding different kinds of issues that may arise.

I hope that as a DLO I'm able to meet people from different cultures, in addition to gaining their trust.

Officer Q. Harris Officer Q. Harris

I've been with the Marquette University Police Department since 2015.

I have experienced negative interactions with police officers throughout my life, but I have also been treated with dignity and respect in some instances. I did not hesitate to become a Diversity Liaison Officer as I can relate to diverse situations, and I want to be a person people are comfortable with approaching and reaching out to, as we are always willing and able to assist.

Sergeant A. Oltendorf Sergeant A. Oltendorf

I have been a Police Officer with MUPD since 2016.

Often when people think about law enforcement, they think about the unpleasant experiences they may have had with police from past encounters. I wanted to become a DLO to help mend those relationships and break that barrier with MU and the surrounding community.