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Volume 9

For the Benefit of All. A Fifty-Year History of the Faye McBeath Foundation

By Jeffrey T. Ramsey and Margaret Nettesheim Hoffmann

ISBN 9781626003026. 208 pages. 5.5 x 8.5. Printed case (Hardcover). Illustrated. List: $20.00

Faye McBeath held a position of leadership and authority with the Milwaukee Journal at a time when women were often relegated to backrooms and not boardrooms. She believed in the importance of civic duty and in focusing resources on the Milwaukee community. McBeath chose to use her wealth gained from the success of her uncle, Journal founder Lucius Nieman, to help others by forming a philanthropic foundation. Her selection of five areas of giving – children, elderly, health education, health care, and civics and governmental affairs – helped the foundation’s board direct her donations to efforts that she loved and cemented her legacy.

This book will guide the reader through the life of Faye McBeath, the 50-year history of her foundation that was designed to end on Dec. 31, 2014, and her framework for giving that led to donations of nearly $50 million to worthy causes in the Milwaukee area.


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