Marquette biomedical sciences professor receives Way Klingler Young Scholars Award

Murray Blackmore

August 10, 2016

MILWAUKEE — Dr. Murray Blackmore, assistant professor of biomedical sciences in the College of Health Sciences, was recently named one of the 2016 Way Klingler Young Scholar Award recipients.

Blackmore manages a lab that includes a number of graduate students and post-doctoral fellows, as well as four undergraduate researchers. He is currently working on systematically screening hundreds of genes to find those best suited to treat spinal cord injury.

The award grants up to $32,000 to fund a one-semester sabbatical, which Blackmore plans on using for two hands-on research approaches: systematically testing gene combinations and optimizing a new genome-editing technology.

"We're pioneering this approach with many technical challenges to overcome," Blackmore said. "This award will allow me to focus my time and attention on developing this new technology, which will enhance our prospects for future funding."

The Way Klingler Young Scholar Awards support promising young scholars in critical stages of their careers with awards up to $32,000. The awards are intended to fund $2,000 in operating costs and to cover 50 percent of salary to afford the recipient a one-semester sabbatical.