Tina Foth, D.N.P., RN

Tina Foth
Tina Foth, D.N.P., RNMarquette University

Pleasant Prairie

MilwaukeeWI53201United States of America

Clinical Instructor

Highest Degree and Institution

D.N.P., Regis College

Courses Taught

NURS 3965:  Community and Population Health Nursing

NURS 6001:  Health Assessment & Fundamentals I

NURS 6002:  Health Assessment & Fundamentals II

NURS 6011:  Health Assessment and Fundamentals Theory

NURS 6013:  Health Assessment and Fundamentals Lab/Clinical

NURS 6100:  Community and Population Health Nursing

NURS 6201:  Nursing Concepts and Interventions, Adults/Older Adults I Theory

NURS 6970:  Nursing Care Chronic Conditions - Simulation

NURS 6971:  Nursing Care Acute Conditions - Simulation

Research Interests

Dr. Mallas' research explores whether an interactive, clinical decision-making (CDM) activity including a short-answer case study, impacts the perceptions of self-confidence and anxiety in clinical decision making in nursing students.



Public Health