State of the Art Facilities

The Department of Occupational Therapy is housed in a dedicated on-campus building. Classrooms are outfitted with up-to-date technology and flexible seating to allow for optimal student learning. There are several state-of-the-art labs for students to participate in experiential learning, including:

  • Living Lab: This treatment-learning space has a fully functional kitchen, bathroom with shower and bedroom.
  • Splinting Lab: Individualized stations provide ample space and equipment for students to design and fabricate orthoses. 
  • Pediatrics Lab: Utilized as a pediatric treatment space, this gym is equipped with suspension equipment, slides, crash pads, foam pit, zipline, and quiet spaces. 
  • Adult Lab: Set up as an outpatient clinic, this room has high-low tables ideal for kinesiology and neurorehabilitation courses and houses anatomical specimens and Physical Agent Modalities (PAM's).
  • Simulation Lab: Outfitted as hospital rooms with one-way glass and video/audio capabilities, these rooms allow for simulated student-client interventions under the direction of an instructor.