Student-driven capstones

Student Driven Doctoral Capstone Projects

Marquette University Department of Occupational Therapy prides itself on the professionalism and dedication shown by our graduates throughout their doctoral capstone projects. Student driven projects and experiences are collaboratively designed with the support of faculty and mentors to not only gain an in-depth knowledge of a practice area but also give back to their community sites. Students have partnered with community sites to meet their needs through projects focused on program development, education, advocacy, clinical practice skills, leadership, and research in a variety of practice areas.


Class of 2023:

Pediatric Topics: 

  • The Qualitative Experiences of Children with ASD Participating in AquOTic Program
  • Educating Early Childhood Educators: Impacts of Trauma and the Use of Sensorimotor Activities to Target Challenging Behaviors
  • Hippotherapy: An Advocacy Campaign
  • Effects of Visual Perception on the Performance Activities of Daily Living in Typically Developing Children
  • Creating Educational Handouts for Caregivers on Sensory Processing Challenges
  • Increasing the Use of Developmentally Appropriate Fine Motor Activities in Preschool Classrooms Through Teacher Education
  • Sensory Integration Principles for Speech Language Pathology Students
  • Managing Disruptive Behaviors of Autism Spectrum Disorder through Sensory Supports: An Educational Resource
  • Education for Summer Camp Counselors on the correlation Between Sensory Dysregulation and Challenging Behaviors
  • Community Reintegration Program to Support Incarcerated Adolescents in the Juvenile Justice System
  • Sensory Regulation in Typically Developing Children at the Dental Clinic: An Education Program for Dental Students


Adult Topics:

  • Functional Neurological Disorder: The Role of Occupational Therapy
  • Group Task Specific Training for Stroke Survivors
  • Supporting Autistic College Students: Developing Educational Modules for University Faculty and Student Support Program Peer Mentors and Coaches
  • Incorporating Occupational Therapy into Interdisciplinary Concussion Clinics
  • Development of a Low Vision Protocol for Occupational Therapists in Acute Rehabilitation
  • The Development of an Occupational Therapy Fellowship Program: Physical Rehabilitation of Upper Extremity Musculoskeletal Injuries
  • Promoting Independent Living Skills in Autistic College Students
  • Physical Rehabilitation Fellowship: Emphasis on Work Rehabilitation at an Outpatient Rehabilitation Center
  • Improving Caregiver Mental Health Outcomes Through a Community Based Program
  • Testing Placebo Effects of TES+ Motor Training for Improving Upper Extremity Function
  • The Development and Implementation of a Fitness Center Accessibility Program for Manual Wheelchair Users
  • Stepping into Art and Out of Stress
  • Creating Accessible Adaptive Sports Open Gym Programs to Maximize Health and Well-Being in Individuals with Disabilities through Participation in Meaningful Activities: A Resource Manuals
  • Return to Occupation: Occupational Reintegration for the LGBTQ+ Homeless Population
  • Advocacy of Occupational Therapy’s Role in Pain Management Through Formalization of Pain Content into an OTD Program Curriculum