Just as we choose different words to convey different messages and different verbal constructions to address different audiences, the typeface we use can have a profound effect on our messaging.



Univers Extra Black is our primary typeface, and it’s used for dramatic and powerful headline structures. Only use capital letters from this typeface in our headlines. The Univers family is a simple, modern and versatile font that is the driving typeface of the Marquette brand platform. Univers 45 Light is the primary font for body text. A mix of Univers 65 Bold and Univers 55 is used for headlines and subheads. Univers 67 Condensed Bold and Univers 47 Condensed Light are used for invitations and related event materials.

Arial and Arial Bold are used for website headlines and body copy.

Univers and web font examples



The Garamond type family is an elegant, classic typeface that contrasts with Univers. Use it when a serif font is more appropriate than a sans serif font.

Garamond examples


Large type is part of our brand, and it’s great for communicating short and powerful messages. Use this type execution to make bold, declarative statements about who we are and what we stand for — especially when it’s something unique to Marquette. In layout, keep it simple and don’t clutter the page with too many elements. Using both brand typefaces, we can create a hierarchy for content that draws the reader in and reinforces the main point in headlines.

Tyeface Structure examples

Obtaining fonts

Note: Marquette has a limited number of licenses to use the Garamond and Univers fonts. Priority is give to university-wide projects. However, you — or the department with which you're working — may purchase the font from AdobeType.

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