Photography overview

The primary photography for the brand platform features students, faculty, staff and alumni in interesting environments that bring Marquette to life. Our photography falls into three categories: in the classroom, out in the world and portraits. Think of them as a visual way to tell a story. The elements of our visual storytelling, whether it’s the people, props or environment, are meant to feel natural and not staged. Some images are composed purposefully to feel open and airy, with space for overlays of text and graphic elements. Other images may have a fuller composition, showing richer environments and backgrounds. Photos should be shot in an editorial style, using little or no camera lighting. Use a short depth of field to draw attention to the subject, so it’s dramatic and intimate.

In the classroom

When capturing classroom and research settings, it is important to include a human element — the people who are immersed in teaching and learning. Attempt to capture a candid moment and compose the photo in a way that showcases not just the subject, but the environment surrounding him or her as well.

Out in the world

The images chosen to support the brand platform should be vibrant, active and emotive. They should capture the energy of real-life experiences that relate to the content being promoted. Choose real, interactive experiences that convey a sense of immediacy and evoke an authentic tone.

Choosing photos

OMC staff will help you choose photos from the photo catalog that support the brand platform, resonate with your target audience and support your communication goal. If you need new photography, please contact the Instructional Media Center or Karen Parr in OMC.

If these are not options that satisfy your requirements, you may contract with one of the university's approved vendors. Visit the purchasing website for complete information about contracted photography services.

Once the project is complete, all photos must be sent to OMC to be stored in the photo archive.


Students on campus

request For Photography

The Office of Marketing and Communication maintains a photo catalog that depicts the full range of student, academic and spiritual life of Marquette. The collection is continually updated to reflect today's campus life, but it also contains significant historical content. Departments should refer to this catalog when selecting images for a project.

If you need new photography, please contact the Instructional Media Center or Karen Parr in OMC.