Media relations for the Marquette community

The Office of Marketing and Communication has a dedicated team of communication professionals and media relations specialists who work daily with local, regional, national and trade news outlets.

Our work with the media falls into two main categories:

  1. Responding to reporter inquiries
  2. Identifying and pitching Marquette-related stories

Responding to media inquiries

Reporters rely on Marquette's expert faculty and staff sources for their stories. To that end, we help pair them with the appropriate contacts to provide background or on-the-record opinion. Working with the media can bring recognition for you, your department and Marquette. This recognition for our faculty and academic programs can help in recruiting students and raising funds for academic programs and research.

We also encourage faculty and staff to opt in to our annual Experts Directory, a useful print and online tool that gives the news media a categorized listing of hundreds of Marquette experts.

Below are some helpful tips for working with the news media:

  • Reporters are on tight deadlines. It's important to be responsive, even if you have to decline an interview.
  • There's no such thing as "off the record." Think about what you want to say first. If you need time to prepare, offer to call the reporter back.
  • If you would like help preparing for an interview, you're always welcome to contact a member of our Communication Team at (414) 288-7448.
  • If a reporter is seeking official university statements, immediately refer him or her to Lynn Griffith at (414) 288-4719.

More tips

Pitching stories

Whether event publicity, faculty research, student profiles or broader trend stories, the Communication Team is always seeking interesting and relevant story ideas to pitch to the news media. If you have a story to share, please contact a member of our team at (414) 288-7448.

Remember, though: Not all stories are appropriate for the media. Before you present an idea to us, consider the following:

  • Does the story or event have broad appeal beyond the Marquette community? Unless an event is open to the public or the story has relevance outside campus, the media will not be interested.
  • Is the story truly unique? There are many interesting things and people at Marquette, but the media are looking for the extraordinary.
  • Is it news? If the event already happened, it's not news.
  • Similarly, it's important to let us know well in advance about published works, speaking opportunities, etc. We cannot publicize research that was published six months ago.
  • When submitting ideas, please include detailed information. As a guide, remember the five W's: Who, What, When, Where, Why. For events, always include registration, reply information and pricing information.

Media team contacts

University News Center


For examples of recent Marquette news stories, visit Marquette In the News.

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