Policies for web hosting and domain names

University sites:

Official departments, offices, institutes and centers of the university are required to follow brand guidelines established by OMC and to meet technical requirements established by ITS.

Requirements for university sites:

    • Logos or marks:
      University sites should use the department or college logo created by OMC. Centers and institutes can work with OMC to develop a logo if one is needed.
    • Domain names:
      University sites are required to have a marquette.edu domain or subdomain. Examples: marquette.edu/your-site or yoursite.marquette.edu.
    • Hosting:
      University sites are required to be hosted on Marquette servers unless offsite hosting has been approved by ITS and OMC.
    • Advertising:
      Syndicated advertisements (such as those from Google Ads) are not allowed on university sites. This applies to university sites that have received OMC approval for offsite hosting.)
    • Management and access:
      ITS and/or OMC must be provided access to all university sites to ensure continuity if the site’s manager becomes unavailable.
    • Copyright concerns:
      Content that is not original or is used without permission is not allowed.
    • Accessibility:
      All university websites and digital content must meet WCAG 2.0 accessibility guidelines.

Faculty research sites, individual academic project sites and unofficial working groups

If a faculty member were to leave Marquette and the website would leave with him or her, the site is not considered a property of Marquette.

Faculty sites or unofficial working groups do not need to meet brand or technical requirements.



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