International Opportunities

The College of Health Sciences has encouraged and supported opportunities for students to participate in short-term, hands-on international experiences. These experiences provide students with an opportunity to experience a different culture within the context of their chosen field of study. Problems that go unnoticed in our own society are often clearly visible when experienced in the context of another culture. These experiences have had lasting effect on the students throughout their professional careers. Past trip participants, and now graduates, include professionals that donate their time to staff pro bono health clinics in under served areas or pursue other opportunities to provide needed health care services in developing countries.

The following comments from students reflect the immediate impact of a medical mission trip to Honduras, one experience in which College of Health Science students have participated:

"Being on this trip inspired me to come back to my classes and really learn, not just worry about grades, but learn the concepts so I could go back and help."

"I know for myself at least, that since I have been back to school, I have been a happier person. I find myself smiling at strangers, waving to small children, and even watching the snow fall when I desperately want it to be warm outside. Yes, we brought a lot of things to Honduras, but I think Honduras gave us more in return."

"I now look at the things I used to consider problems, like the crappy dorm food, or the newest music I have to buy, and now see them as trivial. None of these things actually matter that much to me anymore."

"Everyone has been told in their life time to be grateful for what they have, most of the time I just brushed those statements off in my own selfish beliefs, but Honduras has put a face to the idea of the needy in the world. There are people all over the world just like the patients we saw in Honduras, even in our own city streets."

"As I have been fortunate enough to gain the knowledge and desire to help others, I can also share my experiences with those around me, triggering an even larger support system."