The mission of the Department is to prepare future health care practitioners and researchers with an education rich in clinical experiences, community outreach, and research opportunities to develop leaders guided by the values of “Cura Personalis.”




The Physical Therapy Department at Marquette University will be among the best educational programs in preparing Physical Therapy graduates who excel in academics, leadership, clinical practice, and service to others.


To graduate entry-level physical therapist professionals who are ethical practitioners, knowledgeable of current practices, skillful in applying their knowledge, motivated to address the needs of the underserved community, self-directed lifelong learners who will become leaders in their profession and community.

Furthermore, in an effort to meet the current health care needs in under-served areas, the department is committed to supporting programs of outreach that will enhance the enrollment and training of disadvantaged students and service to disadvantaged populations.

Our primary goal is to graduate physical therapists that are recognized by consumers and other health care professionals as general practitioners of choice to whom consumers have direct access for diagnosis of, interventions for, and prevention of impairments, functional limitations, and disabilities related to movement, function, and health.


Consistent with the Ignatian practice of Examen which makes a Jesuit education unique, the Department of Physical Therapy aspires to transform students into critical thinkers who respect the dignity and worth of others, through the process of reflection and discernment.

The teaching-learning process is recognized as a dynamic interaction of shared responsibility among the academic faculty, clinical faculty, and students. The Department of Physical Therapy supports the educational view that students learn in a multitude of ways, necessitating a variety of learning experiences. These experiences are important for the development of a life-long autonomous learner who is self-motivated and self-directed.

The departmental faculty are a resource and role model in the development of these traits by providing quality instruction, contributing to the general body of knowledge through an active research agenda, maintaining personal clinical competence including the operation of on-campus Physical Therapy clinic, demonstrating professionalism, respecting the dignity of others and advocacy for patient and professional causes. It is the goal of the faculty to help students to become educated members of society, active members of their profession and role models for peers and future physical therapists.