Suggested Undergraduate Majors

Biomedical SciencesBiomedical Engineering *, Exercise PhysiologyLiterature and CulturePhilosophyPhysiological SciencesPsychologySociologySpanish Language

Other majors in the College of Arts and Sciences will work in the 3 year time frame and students should contact the Department of Arts and Sciences for individual plans.

Many of these majors offer the opportunity for a second skill, certification, or profession that gives the student enhanced marketability in the health care arena. For example, Exercise Science leads to a variety of certifications in the fitness/wellness industry.

The majors offered in Spanish provide students with the expanding opportunity to "niche" market their skills to the growing Hispanic population, as well as travel abroad. The department is developing new clinical sites in predominantly Spanish speaking regions of the United States are open to students who wish to develop Spanish language skills and serve this growing population. We also have a voluntary service learning program in a developing Spanish speaking country that is open to PT students along with faculty and alumni. Other opportunities in private practice, administration, management and health care information technology are enhanced by the variety of business undergraduate majors.

The Biomedical Sciences and Physiological Sciences majors are not only great preparation for physical therapy, but also may be for those that see either medical school, or a career in physical therapy research or education in their future.

Students are not limited to the majors listed above, as many majors can incorporate the 31 prerequisite credits for the DPT into their curriculum and offer appropriate academic preparation for the career in physical therapy. It may be difficult to complete DPT prerequisites and requirements for other majors by the fifth year of the six-year program. Students who wish to complete a Marquette undergraduate major that is not on the list, can ask to extend their program to 7 years. However, they need to seek permission from the chair of the Department of Physical Therapy.

* This major requires students with significant advanced placement credits and it is imperative that students are meeting with major and Physical Therapy advisors early on.