About Us

Political Science at Marquette

As a political science major, you'll study politics as an essential aspect of human affairs. Our definition of "politics" includes everything from the American presidency to overcoming poverty in Africa. We study the history and structure of governments, political parties, interest groups, and social movements. Our students learn about what does happen in politics and how to think systematically about what would be just and fair. 

Undergraduate Program

We offer a major and minor in political science, as well as an interdisciplinary international affairs major. As a political science major, you can concentrate your studies in one of five major tracks: global politics (including international relations and domestic politics in countries around the planet); law and politics (ranging from the U.S. Constitution to international law); political economy and public policy (the relationship between business and politics in capitalist countries); American politics (for those who understand and/or have a career in American politics); and general politics. For more information visit our Undergraduate Program Overview page.

Accelerated Degree Program

The Political Science Department also offers a five year B.A./M.A. Accelerated Degree Program in political science and International Affairs.

Graduate Program

The Department of Political Science at Marquette University offers a master's program in political science, aimed at preparing students for political science doctoral study and careers in related fields. In addition, the department offers several dual degrees and accelerated degrees. The Department of Political Science offers: an accelerated 5-year bachelor's and master's degree program in political science; a dual 4-year master of arts-juris doctor (M.A.-J.D.) program in political science in conjunction with the Law School; and dual degree programs in conjunction with the communication and the business administration graduate programs. Furthermore, Law School graduates can pursue an accelerated master of arts degree through awards of transfer credit for work completed as part of the juris doctor degree. For more information on graduate programs, visit our Graduate Program Overview page.