Alumni Testimonials

"I came to Marquette's MA program with no political science or policy background. The openness of the faculty and department allowed me to feel comfortable speaking professionally in the language of both by the end of the program. I hit the ground running in a competitive PhD program, and credit a lot of my success to the preparation I received at Marquette."

–John Porten, M.A.

"Marquette provided me with an opportunity to further my education in an exceptional learning environment with a faculty and staff dedicated to excellence in achievement and personal development. My time at Marquette is paying dividends for me in my career with the Department of State in the U.S. Foreign Service."

–William Campbell, M.A.

"I would highly recommend the M.A. program to any student interested in pursuing a Ph.D. or a J.D. With the small incoming class size, my professors were always accessible, and I was able to develop close friendships with many of my classmates. Milwaukee is a great city for graduate students. There's a lively music scene, a local sports team for every season, tons of bars and restaurants, and a very low cost of living. Whatever direction you decide to go in after graduation, you'll get the support and advice you need to get there. I am sure that my graduate work in this program played an important role in my admission to my top choice law school, the University of Chicago."

–Katherine Arnold, M.A.

"Marquette provided the ingredients I needed to lay a strong foundation for my future: intellectual rigor, practical experience in an urban environment, and a strong network of committed scholars. The faculty in the Department of Political Science, with their varied specializations ranging from democratization to transnational crime, challenged us to research and pick apart the nuances of topics like development or nationalism. As for practical application, the two years that I spent in my placement at a community-based organization in central Milwaukee reinforced my commitment to public service. Furthermore, my classmates, who have already assumed leadership positions in government and in the non-profit sector, now form part of an invaluable, lifelong network. Intellectual curiosity, knowledge of my place in my community and the world, and the network of gifted lifelong learners are all things that Marquette has given me. They are all tools that I will use as a U.S. diplomat."

–Luke Schtele, M.A.

"I applied to Marquette and several other schools. Marquette was the only school where professors and staff treated me like a person, not just a potential enrollee. They engaged me in thoughtful and helpful discussions, which really impressed upon me the value that both Marquette and the graduate program placed on students. I received an excellent education at Marquette. Professionally, having a Master’s degree from a nationally known and ranked university has opened many doors for me. A key aspect of my current position is derived from the knowledge and skills I learned at Marquette."

–Elizabeth Scott, M.A.

"The M.A. program in Political Science at Marquette provided me with a solid foundation for my work as a Ph.D. candidate and researcher at the University of North Carolina. The main strength of the Program is a faculty committed to both high-level research and great dedication to their students. Altogether a great experience."

–Emanuel Coman, M.A.

"The Marquette University graduate International Affairs program and its experienced professors allowed me the latitude to focus my studies towards my own professional interests. Academic emphasis on quantitative and qualitative research in the classroom served me well as a public opinion polling manager in Afghanistan and as an official with the U.S. Defense Department."

–Jacob English, M.A.

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