M.A. in Political Science and in Communication

The Department of Political Science, in conjunction with the College of Communication, offers a program of study leading to a master of arts (M.A.) degree in political science (POSC) or international affairs (INAF) and a master of arts (M.A.) degree in communication (COMM). The program is designed for students whose interests overlap politics and aspects of communication such as advertising, journalism, or broadcasting. Dual degree students are able to complete both degree programs in less time than if both degrees were pursued separately.

Program Information

Admission Requirements

Students seeking admission into the dual degree program must meet the admission requirements of each program. Acceptance into one program does not guarantee acceptance into the other.

Credits and Coursework

Dual degree students count 9 credits of coursework in each program toward the required coursework credits of the other program. Thus, 9 of the 36 credits required for the COMM M.A. degree in will come from POSC courses, and 9 of the 30 credits required for the POSC or INAF M.A. degree will come from COMM courses.

Application Procedures

Candidates for admission to the dual programs must submit applications to both of the programs sponsoring the dual degree. General admission requirements and applications procedures for both units apply to applicants to the dual program, except that in the case of the M.A.-J.D., the Department of Political Science will accept LSAT scores in lieu of GRE scores and in the case of the M.A.-M.B.A., the Department of Political Science will accept GMAT scores in lieu of GRE scores. Acceptance by one unit does not guarantee acceptance by the other. Students who are already admitted to or who have begun taking courses in any single program may still apply for the Dual Program.

Additional Information

Those interested in one of the dual degree programs are welcome to contact one of the following individuals: