Major/Minor Requirements

Requirements for a Political Science Major

A political science major requires 33 credit hours of POSC courses in one of five concentrations: Politics, Law and Politics, Global Politics, Political Economy and Public Policy, and American Politics. The details about the requirements for the Political Science major can be found in the Political Science section of the current Undergraduate Bulletin.


  • At least fifteen hours of the POSC courses must not be counted toward another major.
  • There are special requirements for teaching majors.

Requirements for a Political Science Minor

Minors in Political Science require 18 hours of credits, and must include all of the following:

  • POSC 2201
  • POSC 2401
  • POSC 2601
  • POSC 2801
  • 6 Hours of Electives

Additional Information

For more information on major or minor requirements, consult with your political science advisor or contact the Department of Political Science at (414) 288-6842 or