Center for Psychological Services

The Center for Psychological Services (CPS) of Marquette University's Department of Psychology is dedicated to providing affordable and effective treatment to the general Marquette community, including its Milwaukee neighborhood. CPS is staffed by clinical psychology faculty and by graduate students, who are closely supervised by faculty.

Marquette University Tic Disorders Specialty Clinic

 The Marquette University Tic Disorders Specialty Clinic is a research and training program run by Dr. Douglas Woods. The clinic is located on the Marquette University campus within the Marquette University Center for Psychological Services. Treatment is provided by supervised graduate students. The clinicians use an evidence-based behavioral treatment that teaches children and adults skills to manage their tics. The goals of the clinic are to provide an initial assessment of people seeking specialized services, provide therapy to people with Tourette Syndrome, advance research in the area of Tourette Syndrome, and reach people who do not have access to specialized treatment for tic disorders. Persons seeking treatment or looking for additional information should contact Brandon Pitts of the Tic Disorders Specialty Clinic at 414-288-6182. Callers will be asked to complete a brief phone screen to determine eligibility. If the caller’s needs cannot be met by the clinic, they will be referred to other agencies or health care providers.