Honors in Psychology

View the slides from the Honors in Psychology Information Session on February 23, 2023.

The department has an Honors in Psychology (HiP) program for majors. It provides outstanding, accomplished students with an opportunity to plan, carry out, and report the results of an independent, advanced, collaborative research project under the supervision of a faculty research mentor. The program will be completed over the last two years of a student’s academic career.


If a student has a cumulative psychology GPA of 3.500 or better, a cumulative GPA of 3.200 or better, and has taken PSYC 2050H, he or she is strongly encouraged to apply to the program. Students should apply in the Spring semester of their junior year.

  • Students who intend to apply for the program are encouraged to take PSYC 2001H Honors Psychological Measurements and Statistics (in place of PSYC 2001).
  • Since PSYC 2050H is a pre-requisite for entry into the program, students who intend to apply for the program should enroll in 2050H rather than 2050.
  • In the application the student should indicate which psychology faculty member the student would like to work with and describe his/her research experience. If needed, the student can be assisted in facilitating the development of a research supervisory relationship with a faculty member.

                      Kaugars' PSYC 2050H Fall 2022

                         Fall 2022:  PSYC 2050H Honors Research Methods and Design


Admission to the honors program is not guaranteed by meeting these requirements. Admissions will also be determined by the number of faculty members available to supervise research projects. If there is greater demand than can be met, students who have previous research experience with a faculty member and who have completed more of their psychology coursework requirements will be given priority in admissions.

Research Experience

Once enrolled in the honors program, students will take 6 credits of research experience, as shown here. These courses will entail working with a faculty member directly.

  • PSYC 4954H: Honors Psychology Research Seminar (2 credits; 2 semesters = 4 credits)
  • PSYC 4956H: Honors Advanced Undergraduate Research (1 credit; 2 semesters = 2 credits)

University Honors and Graduating with Honors

Students who are accepted into the Honors in Psychology program are concurrently accepted into the University Honors Program. Students must have at least a final 3.500 cumulative GPA in Psychology and a final 3.200 cumulative GPA to graduate with Disciplinary Honors in Psychology.


Honors in Psychology Application

The deadline for applications is 5:00 pm on Friday, March 24, 2023.