Deposits and Eligibility

Similar to tuition deposits and housing deposits for the residence halls, the University Apartments office collects a $300 housing deposit from any eligible student who is interested in leasing a University Apartment for the upcoming year.


Am I eligible to live in the apartments?

In order to live in the University Apartments, you must meet the following requirements::

Be enrolled as a Marquette student when entering into the lease 


Be 21 years old

(at the start of your lease)


Be 2 years out of high school

(at the start of your lease)


Have completed your 2-year

residence hall requirement


When do I pay a housing deposit?

Our deposit collection period occurs in mid- to late-October, during the weeks before and after fall break.  This immediately precedes the apartment selection time frame during which students use the online Campus Living system to select their apartment for the following academic year.


Do I need to pay an apartment housing deposit?

Payment of the housing deposit unlocks a students' ability to partake in the Apartment Selection Process.  Every individual interested in selecting an apartment for the following year must pay a deposit.  This includes current tenants who are planning to renew and any new applicants.

We typically cease collecting deposits after the main Apartment Selection Process is complete.  So if you are applying after November (for the following summer/fall), or if you are applying for a spring-semester lease, a deposit may not be required.


How do I pay a housing deposit?

There are a number of methods for paying your housing deposit:

Credit / Debit Card



Pay online through the Campus Living Portal on Checkmarq.

In Checkmarq, select the Housing tab under quick links, and click on “Access Campus Living.”  This will open the Campus Living website in a new window.  Under the Apartment Selection heading, click on “Pay Deposit” and follow the subsequent steps.  (Fees may apply).

(Click here for detailed instructions for online deposit payment).



Money Order

University Apartments Office (1032 W Wisconsin Ave.)

  • Hours: Monday through Friday, 8am to 4:30pm
  • Made payable to: Marquette University
  • Must include MUID on check/money order
  • Money orders available from AMU Union Station or Town Bank

Waiver / Leasing Quiz

Complete and pass a Leasing Quiz for a deposit waiver




University Apartments Office (1032 W Wisconsin Ave.)

  • Complete a waiver form in our office for entry into the University Apartment Selection system
  • (Students seeking an exemption must provide documentation from the program from which they seek an exemption (e.g. Good Tenant, EOP, ROTC).  Participation in these programs does not guarantee a waiver).


Do I get my deposit back?

Unlike most landlords (who collect a security deposit - the balance of which may be used against future damages or charges), the housing deposit for the University Apartments in more akin to earnest money.

This means that your housing deposit will go towards paying your future rental charges. It is a pre-payment, and will typically be applied to your housing charges for the fall semester.

Therefore, the housing deposit is not returned at the conclusion of leases in the University Apartments.


Is the deposit refundable?

If you submit a housing deposit to apply for the University Apartments, you will have access to the Apartment Selection system in Campus Living (Checkmarq), where you (and any roommates) can choose from the available apartments at your designated time.

If you choose not to select an apartment, the deposit may be refundable.

However, the deposit becomes non-refundable at the moment any one of the following occurs:

  • You book an apartment through the online selection system
  • A roommate books you into an apartment through the online system
  • You are offered an apartment through the waiting list

To apply for a refund, please visit the University Apartments office to complete the necessary paperwork.  Refund requests must be received by noon on the final business day of June (following the payment).