Year-to-year Renewals

Students leasing within the University Apartments - who wish to fully renew a long-term lease for a subsequent academic year - are given the opportunity to re-book their current apartment or select a new one during the annual Apartment Selection Process during the fall semester.  In advance of this process, residents should review the Apartments Index for a list of resources to help them plan their tenancy.

Semester-to-semester Extensions

Students who have utilized the Lease Length Flexibility offered by the University Apartments may have a lease ending on December 31 of a given academic year.  We encourage students to only sign for the amount of time they are certain to be renting; this lease length options allows students to more easily fit their leasing plans to their academic pursuits.

Preceding the expiration of a lease ending in December, residents are offered the ability to renew for the following spring term.  Information about the renewal process for spring is typically distributed in early October.

The spring semester renewal process occurs almost simultaneously with the Apartment Selection process for the future academic year; residents should be mindful to delineate the processes, if necessary.

Short-term Extensions / Summer Extensions

Whether students have a lease ending in December or May, and whether or not they are continuing or leaving University housing, all residents will be asked about their future plans.  The Lease Term Ending form is distributed to all residents in:

  • September / October - for leases ending December 31st
  • March / April - for leases ending May 31st

There are 3 options for the end of a lease:

  1. Continuing in the apartment - meaning that you have a lease or storage agreement in the exact same apartment immediately following the expiration of the current lease
  2. Transferring to a different apartment - meaning that you are moving to a different University-owned apartment immediately following the expiration of the current lease
  3. Moving Out - this includes anyone who is not renting immediately after the expiration of the lease (even if you are returning to the apartment for the next academic year).
    • Individuals wishing to request a short-term extension may select "Moving Out," and then indicate the date through which they wish to extend their lease - whether it is a few days or the entire summer.  Extensions are not guaranteed and may be affected by a number of factors.  An approved extension may incur additional rental costs.
    • Summer Extension Details