Umoja: Black Living Learning Community

Umoja means Unity in Swahili, there is no better word to describe the intention of this living learning community. Umoja: Black Living Learning Community (LLC) seeks to create a space for Black students across the diaspora to come together and form a community. Umoja intends to be an inclusive and welcoming environment for all those who value the Black community, culture, and identities and are interested in learning and engaging around these values.  

  Umoja - /uˈmɔ.ʄɑ/ - unity; oneness


Straz TowerStraz Tower

Straz Tower is a residence hall on the East side of campus which houses both first and second year students. It is co-ed by door. The building consists of single, double, and quad room-types with private baths.  The building features 24/7 security, a dining hall, and Rec Plex fitness facility.  Staff in the building include a Residence Hall Director, Hall Minister, 16 Residence Assistants, and a Facilities Manager. Straz Tower is also home to both the Nuestro Hogar and Honors Living Learning Communities.



Umoja is comprised of two floors, one of first-year and one of second-year students. Each floor is co-ed. To be eligible you need to be a student at Marquette University, value the black community, culture, and identities, are interested in learning and engaging around these values.


Umoja LLC Academics

First year students who live in Umoja will be enrolled in a fall class together.  For Fall 2022, students will take a special section of Social Justice and Welfare 1001 as a cohort. Residence Life staff will work in conjunction with faculty to plan events to support the community and enhance the learning experience. 


To sign up for Umoja


1st-year (Freshman) students:Umoja Signup

To be part of this community, select Straz Tower as your building preference and Umoja LLC as your preferred room type when you complete your housing preference online in Checkmarq.


2nd-year (Sophomore) students:

Fill out the application is at the bottom of the page. Priority application is March 11, 2022, all applications are due March 20, 2022

To apply for the Umoja Living Learning Community for the 2022-2023 academic year, please complete the form below. 

Priority deadline is March 11, 2022 (all applications due March 20, 2022).
If you are comfortable sharing, please include your gender.
Room Type Preference
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If you have a preferred roommate, please list their name(s). (They must also apply and be accepted into the Umoja program)
Please share why you are interested in living in Umoja, including what you will contribute to the Umoja living and learning community?
What support are you hoping to gain from Umoja?
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If you have any questions about the Living Learning Communities, please contact our office at