Institutional Biosafety concerns the use of recombinant DNA technology (rDNA) and organisms and viruses containing rDNA (transgenic organisms). All research utilizing rDNA must be registered with the ORC. Marquette University's Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) is tasked with reviewing all rDNA research conducted at or sponsored by Marquette for compliance with the NIH Guidelines.

For additional information regarding Marquette's Institutional Biosafety Committee, please refer to the Office of Research Compliance Web page on Biosafety.

PLEASE NOTE: The Institutional Biosafety Committee ultimately determines the correct biosafety level for each project.  Therefore, all investigators must submit the IBC registration form (Word) even if they believe their project is exempt.


Mission Statement

The Risk Unit is responsible for evaluating loss exposures, assessing liability, handling claims, promoting internal controls and developing effective safety and health programs. The corporate and student insurance plans are managed by this unit.