Personal Plan for Comfort and Health at Your Workstation


  1. Feet are flat on the floor or on a footrest.
  2. Upper legs are approximately parallel to the floor.
  3. Back is comfortably supported when keying.


  1. Upper arms are comfortably at my side.
  2. Forearms are approximately parallel with the floor.
  3. Fingers are slightly curled without bending the wrist to the side.
  4. I land my hands periodically on a palm or wrist rest during pauses.
  5. Wrists are straight with knuckles slightly raised above forearms.
  6. Mouse is at the same level and distance as the keyboard


  1. The top of the screen is below eye level and at a comfortable height.
  2. Screen contrast, brightness, and colors are adjusted for eye comfort.
  3. Glare and reflections are reduced by monitor tilting/positioning, hoods or anti-glare screens, drapes or light reflectors.

Workstation Layout

  1. There is adequate space for efficient and comfortable completion of various tasks.
  2. Reference manuals, or materials are easily accessible and can be comfortably positioned when referred to while keying or using the telephone.
  3. Document holders are at the same viewing distance as the monitor and are positioned to reduce head twisting.
  4. There is adequate space for writing and reading tasks.
  5. Office supplies, equipment and files are adequately arranged for ease of reach and comfort.

Personal Habits

  1. Changing my work position throughout the day.
  2. Looking away from the screen periodically and momentarily focusing on a distant object, blinking and following prolonged periods of concentration.
  3. Periodically stretching muscles in the back, legs, shoulders, arms, neck, wrists and fingers Standing up.
  4. Having vision checked and corrected regularly if needed.
  5. Maintaining an exercise program and lifestyle outside the office that supports good work fitness.

If you have discovered areas that need to be changed in your work setting, please contact your supervisor and the Office of Risk Management for Ergonomic Review of your workstation.

Quick Fix for Your Workstation

Foot Rest

Wrist Rest

Monitor Stand

Back Support

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