In all events and situations:

In any accident, exchange pertinent information at the accident scene (if safe to do so) and exchange information and contact and cooperate with local authorities. Do not discuss anything but the facts of the accident or incident and do not speculate on guilt or fault. Police agencies and claim management personnel will contact you for any additional statements as part of the accident investigation. (Remember that although well-meaning, comments may be taken out of context as part of an accident analysis immediately at the scene.)

Immediately after an accident take the following steps.

Determine the damage suffered by your vehicle and MOST IMPORTANT -- IS IT SAFE TO DRIVE.

ABOVE ALL: Be smart, stay calm, use common sense and seek safe location while details are being worked out.


Mission Statement

The Risk Unit is responsible for evaluating loss exposures, assessing liability, handling claims, promoting internal controls and developing effective safety and health programs. The corporate and student insurance plans are managed by this unit.