Current Job Openings

Student Coordinator

Thank you for you interest in the Student Coordinator position with the Service Learning Program (SLP) at Marquette.

The Student Coordinator position provides opportunities for students to develop their professional skills while connecting with the Milwaukee community and helping other MU students have a positive service learning experience. Student Coordinators are given a lot of responsibility within the office and are expected to work in a professional manner. They are provided with a variety of trainings and general guidance on the job. The Service Learning Program works hard to make our student employees' job experiences a part of their professional education while they are at Marquette. The Service Learning Program seeks to provide a diverse work environment in order to help create a rich and real-life working environment. The SLP hires Student Coordinators every semester. 

Before you start your application, take some time to read the job description below:

Student Placement/Monitoring Duties:

  • Conducts and assist administrative staff with student orientations and evaluations.
  • Plans and facilitates service learning reflection sessions.
  • Assists students with selecting community placements for the semester.
  • Contacts students before service begins; provides all new and updated information about the placement site, nature of service, calendar of service, and application and orientation procedures.
  • Maintains accurate service records for students.

Community Partner/Agency Responsibilities:

  • Familiarizes self with community partner organization via website, phone calls and one-on-one meetings to establish a relationship with the site contact.
  • Maintains consistent communication with each assigned community partner by making site visit(s) during the semester.
  • Gives prompt feedback to program administrators after site visits, reporting successes and challenges with the Service Learning Program and/or students.

Faculty Responsibilities:

  • Acts as a liaison to faculty, collecting paperwork and helping with record-keeping.
  • Conducts in-class orientations to introduce the Service Learning Program in participating courses.
  • Receives feedback throughout the semester and visits faculty members to complete an evaluation of the program at the end of each semester.

Office Duties:

  • Maintains regular office hours, including a weekly evening session, according to posted schedules.
  • Reports number of work hours and description of work activities biweekly, according to the university's payroll schedule.
  • Attends scheduled all-staff meetings.
  • Submits all paperwork according to stated schedules.
  • Assist with special projects in the office and performs other duties as assigned.

When you are ready to apply, please make sure your Student Coordinator Job Application is typed. If you need other accommodations to complete this application or have challenges accessing any documents, please contact Eddie Godina, Assistant Director of the Service Learning Program. Applications will be accepted until December 12, 2022