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Dr. Heather R. HlavkaMarquette University

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Curriculum Vitae

Associate Professor

Social and Cultural Sciences



Ph.D., 2008, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

Courses Taught

Research Methods; Sexual Offenses and Offenders; Juvenile Justice; Transformative Justice.

Research Interests

Sexual violence and trauma; Law and society; Narrative/discourse analysis; Legal subjectivity; Victimization; Sex, gender, and social control. 

Professional Experience

Crisis intervention, education, and rape crisis advocacy; Research consultant; Expert witness.


  • 2019.  “Regulating Bodies: Children and Sexual Violence.” Violence Against Women,25(6): 1956-1979. 
  • 2018.  “That’s How She Talks”: Animating Text Message Evidence in the Sexual Assault Trial.” Law & Society Review,52(2): 401-435 (with Sameena Mulla)
  • 2017.  “Speaking of Stigma and the Silence of Shame: Young Men and Sexual Victimization.” Men and Masculinities, 20(4): 482-505. 
  • 2017.  “Intersectionality and Credibility in Child Sexual Assault Trials.” Gender & Society,31(4): 457-480 (with Amber Powell and Sameena Mulla).
  • 2014.  “Normalizing Sexual Violence: Young Women Account for Harassment and Abuse.” Gender & Society, 28:337-358. 
  • 2013.  “Legal Subjectivity among Youth Victims of Sexual Abuse.” Law & Social Inquiry, 39:31-61.

Additional Information

  • Marquette Legal Education and Research Network (MLEARN)

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