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Featured Interns

Meet our students who discuss how their participation in the Multidisciplinary Internship Program provided them with additional opportunities in their majors and enhanced their professional development.

Jasmine discusses her internship experience with juvenile justice system and her future plans to became a juvenile judge.

Jasmine Young
Criminology and Law Studies

Alex talks about her internship experiences with the Milwaukee Police Department and State Public Defender's Office and her future involvement with the study abroad in Jordan and Les Aspen Center internship in DC.

Alex Sammarco
Criminology and Law Studies

“My internship, where I work with newly arrived refugees, has really taught me about cross cultural communication… as well as being an advocate for the people I plan to work with for with for a lifetime.”

Jackie Barajas
Social Welfare and Justice

“I knew I wanted to do something in which I was helping people…”

Patrick McGinn
Social Welfare and Justice

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