Foursquare Tips & Guidelines

Foursquare works by using a mobile device's GPS to search for nearby businesses or buildings. The user "checks in" by texting or using a Foursquare app, which lists user-submitted tips about the place.

Foursquare on Marquette's campusFoursquare participants can also choose to let their friends know their whereabouts by sending a check-in message to their Twitter and/or Facebook accounts.

On Marquette's campus, the Alumni Memorial Union is the most popular Foursquare venue with nearly 9,000 check-ins from more than 1,000 people. Raynor Memorial Library and Straz Hall are also popular Foursquare destinations. Marquette's Foursquare profile is among the most popular among universities with more than 14,000 "friends," according to

Ways to support Foursquare participation on campus include:

  • Sign up for Foursquare, and leave tips about a venue on the Foursquare website.
  • Encourage others to leave tips about places around campus.
  • Be aware of with whom and where you are sharing location information. Educate yourself about Foursquare's privacy controls at
  • Keep tips regularly updated, including notifications about timely events happening on campus.
  • Create a special for your venue, such as offering treats during finals week.

What is Foursquare?

Foursquare is a mobile application that makes places more interesting to explore. It is a friend finder, a social city guide, and a game that challenges users to experience new things and rewards them for doing so.