LinkedIn Tips & Guidelines


  • LinkedIn is a social media site for professionals. Use it to connect with your peers and your role models, any of whom may be the right person to help you get a job, network, find a business partner or sell your product.
  • Don’t lurk. LinkedIn only benefits you if you get involved. Upload a photo. Complete your profile. Start discussions in groups, and comment on others’ posts. It’s all about finding people and helping them find you.
  • Get hired or find a new hire. Many groups — including the MUAA LinkedIn group — feature a jobs section in which you can post openings. Or search the jobs section to find a new opportunity for yourself.
  • Promote your expertise. Whether you’re an expert in root canals, online marketing or both, post about it. A few entertaining, informative discussion posts in LinkedIn groups can help you and your brand be noticed.
  • Learn from your peers. Have a question about the real estate market in Houston? Maybe you’d like to know how to get a short story published? Ask on LinkedIn, and connect with those in the know.
  • Weigh in on the issues. Discuss Marquette news and events with fellow alumni.

Comment guidelines

Marquette welcomes interaction and dialogue on our LinkedIn pages. In the event that an individual has a question or complaint raised on our public forum, the community manager will do his or her best to address the person's issue as appropriate.

However, Marquette reserves the right to remove any posts on our page that are obscene, defamatory or harassing. In the rare event that a post needs to be removed, the community manager may follow up privately with the individual to notify him or her why the post was removed.

Comments that are not specific to the content on our page or advertise for third-party organizations are considered spam and should be removed. However, Marquette has no control over comments posted to personal profiles or social media pages.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn exists to help you make better use of your professional network and help the people you trust in return.