Joining a SPARK Teams Meeting

As a SPARK meeting approaches, you will need the join link or button. Make sure you are accessing the right online meeting. 

College Meeting (Day 1 - required) — including the essential join link for Teams online meetings — will be sent via email to your eMarq inbox. Sign in to your eMarq account at to access the message. Click or tap the join link for the online meeting.

Two Group Meetings (Day 1 and Day 2 - required), Playfair (Day 1 - optional), Advising Assistance (Day 2 - optional), and SPARK Leader Support (Day 2 - optional) will appear as events on your Calendar in Teams. Or sign in to your eMarq email account at and select the Calendar icon on the left or bottom left. Find the calendar event and open it. Click or tap the Join button.

  • Please do not share join meeting information with others.
  • Just in case, note the call-in number and the unique Conference ID. If you encounter network trouble while using Teams, these details allow you to call in via phone for the Teams meeting.

Joining a Teams Meeting

  1. Be sure to plug your device into power before you join. 
  2. If joining from your Calendar on Teams, open the meeting event. Click or tap the Join button.

    Open event in Calendar for Join button

    If joining from an email message, click or tap the "Join Microsoft Teams Meeting" link.

    Teams online class session details

    Your web browser may prompt you to select between the web version and the desktop version. Select the option to open the Teams desktop version. 

    Select Teams prompt

    If you rather decide to use the web version, Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge are the recommended browsers for Microsoft Teams. Do not use Safari or Firefox. You will encounter trouble as several features are unsupported in Safari and Firefox.
    • When accessing Teams via the web, you may be prompted for a Marquette login.
    • If you see your email address as a login option, select it and enter your Marquette password.
    • Otherwise, enter your Marquette email address (not username) and password to continue. 
  3. You are not in the online meeting session yet. A Teams meeting audio-video screen may require you to choose an audio option before the "Join now" button can activate.

    Select audio option

    After you select an audio choice, decide if you want to turn on your camera. If you are using a camera and you want to mask your surroundings, select the Background filters option.

    Join button

    Once you choose an audio option, Teams will use that option for future meetings you join.
  4. Click or tap the Join Now button to join the online meeting session. You will see Teams display "Connecting..." If you are early and the first to join, you will see "Waiting for others to join..." Or participants who have already joined will appear.