Beyond Boundaries Steering Committee

The purpose of the Beyond Boundaries Steering Committee, as convened by Marquette University President Michael R. Lovell, is to serve as advisers to the president in the implementation of Beyond Boundaries.

 Steering Committee

Principal roles and responsibilities

Offer input to President Lovell, as needed, in the implementation of Beyond Boundaries:

  • Evaluate recommendations made by Beyond Boundaries Operations Team.
  • Assist in decisions on prioritization, metric assessment, change management, communication plans, etc.
  • Help remove barriers.
  • Note: Not a decision-making body.

Executive Sponsor: President Lovell



Dr. Jeanne Hossenlopp - Co-Chair and Research in Action Theme Leader; Vice President for Research and Innovation

Lora Stigens - Co-Chair; Vice President for Facilities Planning and Management

Dr. Joya Crear - Culture of Inclusion Theme Leader; Acting Vice President for Inclusive Excellence

Dr. Doug Woods - Academic Excellence Theme Leader; Graduate School Dean

Ian Gonzalez - Sustainability of Resources Theme Leader; Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Dan Bergen - Community Engagement Theme Leader; Executive Director of Community Engagement

Dr. Xavier Cole - Formation of Hearts & Minds Theme Co-Leader; Vice President of Student Affairs

Rev. James Voiss, S.J. - Formation of Hearts & Minds Theme Co-Leader; Vice President for Mission and Ministry

Alix Riley - Director of Institutional Research

Dr. Heidi Bostic - Dean of Arts & Sciences

Dr. Jill Guttormson - Associate Dean of Nursing for Academic Affairs

Tim McMahon - Vice President for University Advancement

Melissa Econom - Staff Senate; Academic Coordinator College of Education

Dr. Paul Gasser - Academic Senate; Associate Professor Biomedical Sciences