Sustainability of Valuable Resources

Sustainabiity of Valuable Resources Marker

Theme Leader

Ian Gonzalez
Vice president for finance

Goal Statement

Continuously improve university operations to increase efficiencies, sustain shared resources and thrive in tomorrow’s competitive higher education landscape.

Theme objective 1 of 0

Foster a culture of organizational effectiveness in utilizing, conserving and sustaining valuable resources.

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Leverage revenue opportunities through ancillary services.
Optimize facility infrastructure to increase efficiencies and generate cost savings.
Implement eProcurement solution to improve effectiveness of sourcing and purchasing processes.
Achieve optimal occupancy in residence halls and university apartments.
Invest in human capital through total rewards, leadership development and employee engagement.
Theme objective 2 of 0

Ensure Marquette is positioned to thrive in the competitive landscape of higher education.

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Increase annual and unrestricted resources and expand scholarship resources through philanthropy.
Develop scaffolding opportunities for high-impact educational experiences, beginning with a first-year learning seminar and living/learning communities, evolving to opportunities for study abroad, service learning, undergraduate research, internships and, where appropriate, capstone experiences
Achieve goals of comprehensive fundraising campaign.
Leverage & monetize university assets to improve financial outcomes.
Theme objective 3 of 0

Articulate institutional priorities and implement practices that align resources accordingly.

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Holistically address space optimization and space management across campus.
Identify process & continuous improvement opportunities throughout campus.

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Achieving Beyond Boundaries



Associated with this theme are several key metrics, which help us assess our progress in achieving the goal and understand how we compare to other universities. For each metric, Marquette’s value is shown over time including, if available, a comparison to a referent group of 22 universities comprising both peer and aspirational schools. As the university is launching a new strategic planning effort, these metrics will no longer be updated. A new peer/aspirant group was developed by the Beyond Boundaries Steering Committee in 2022. The metrics below still reference the old referent group and will not be updated with the new peer/aspirant group.


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