DSA Diversity Committee

Committee Vision

The Division of Student Affairs Diversity Committee envisions a campus where valuing and celebrating diversity in all of its forms is the norm, and community members are provided opportunities to learn and grow in their cultural competence.

Committee Mission

The Marquette University Division of Student Affairs Diversity Committee exists to create a culturally competent campus community and to promote the appreciation of each individual within that community. We do this in three ways:

  • We educate staff, faculty, administrators and students about issues of diversity. We seek to educate ourselves so that we can serve as a resource to others on campus.
  • We advocate for students by listening to their experiences, mentoring, and recruiting a wider network of individuals who seek to support students through advocacy.
  • We support the efforts of others on campus who are working toward a more inclusive campus environment, such as university departments and colleges, student organizations, and individual members of the campus community.