Account Status Policy

Out of School Bursar Accounts

Past due Bursar's accounts are technically considered to be past due in their entirety. To allow our borrowers to make installment payments and have the debt be reported as current, we treat Bursar's accounts as if they were institutional loans. These accounts are not eligible for deferment or cancellation. Bursar's accounts must be paid in full for registration, transcript, or hold release.

Once a Bursar's account is transferred to our office, payment will be made to Student Loan Accounts & Collections, through our billing service agency, University Accounting Service.

Non-payment will result in the following university actions:

  • Assessment of late fees and/or interest penalties
  • Placement of holds on all university services including:
    • Transcripts
    • Diploma
    • Access to register for subsequent semesters
  • Placement of the account with a collection agency
  • Assessment of all collection and legal costs
  • Derogatory credit reporting

Bursar accounts that have been transferred to the Office of Student Loan Accounts from the Office of the Bursar are generally not eligible for financial aid after the end of the term during which the charges were incurred. These accounts are generally not eligible for consolidation with other student loans. However, you may apply for certain Alternative Loan programs (within 12 months of separation), or a personal loan to repay Marquette University. The Marquette Office of Financial Aid maintains a list of alternative lenders here.



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