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Event Date Time Location Audience Registration
Campus BioBlitz 9/26-10/2/2023 all day Anywhere on campus Students and employees Campus Bioblitz
National Week without Driving 10/2-10/8/2023 all day   Open to anyone
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GROW: Working Sustanably at Marquette 10/3/2023 12-1pm AMU 448 Employees
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Care for Creation Wine & Cheese Reflection 10/4/2023 3-4pm AMU Lunda Room Employees
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Energy Efficiency Day 10/4/2023 12:30-1:30pm AMU 2nd floor Students and employees none
Campus Sustainability Walking Tour 10/13/2023 12-1pm Meet at Service Building Students and employees none
Sustainability 2.0 Conference 10/24/2023 9am-5pm AMU Ballroom Open to anyone
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Sustainability Trivia with Late Night MU 10/26/2023 7:30-8:30pm Annex Students  


4/4/2021-Marquette earns STARS Bronze Rating

11/2/2021-Thrift Shop for Campus Sustainability Month (Marquette Wire)

10/28/2021-Marquette named 'Green College' by Princeton Review

10/5/2021-Marquette University opens four bike repair stations on campus (Marquette Wire)

10/29/2021-Sustainability efforts continue on Campus (Marquette Wire)

4/6/2021- Campus clean-up and sustainability

2/19/19 - Marquette studies way to purify water with light (Marquette Wire)

2/6/19 - Faculty workshop will celebrate art and sustainability (Marquette Wire)

12/4/18 - MCTS looking at more efficient, better bus routes (Marquette Wire)

11/27/18 - MU students form ocean conservation club (Marquette Wire)

11/15/18 - MU professors receive $525,000 grant to study new 'green' enzyme (Marquette Wire)

11/13/18 - The Commons chooses paper towels over hand dryers (Marquette Wire)

11/7/18 - Student recycling initiative reinvents plastic recycling (Marquette Wire)

11/7/18 - Marquette film festival prompts environmental dialogue (Marquette Wire)

11/5/18 - Stormwater collection system installed by new Athletic and Human Performance Research Center (Marquette Wire)

10/26/18 - Straw bans? Composting buckets? Wisconsin campuses adopt dramatic 'green' changes (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

10/24/18 - Fiserv Forum deemed the world's first bird-friendly sports arena (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

9/18/18 - Marquette Sustainability launches Green Team (Marquette Wire)

9/11/18 - Marquette Dining Services aims to set example for green dining nationwide (Marquette Wire)

9/11/18 - MMSD funds $1.2 million for WaterCARE project at MU (Marquette Wire)

9/4/18 - The Commons green roof part of Campus Sustainability initiative (Marquette Wire)

8/7/18 - Campus dining locations ditch plastic straws (Marquette Wire)

7/13/18 - Construction underway on North Common project near AMU, Jes Res (Marquette Today)

4/10/18 - University attempts to ease recycling suspicions among students (Marquette Wire)

3/27/18 - Catholic campuses use bees to teach sustainability and engage local community (National Catholic Reporter)

2/27/18 - Core curriculum to adopt environmental sustainability theme (Marquette Wire)

2/27/18 - The Brew makes change to compostable materials (Marquette Wire)

9/28/17 - Jesuit institutions recognized for sustainability efforts by Princeton Review (Ignatian Solidarity Network)

9/27/17 - Dining hall compost bins continue to help sustainability efforts (Marquette Wire)

9/18/17 - Student-run gardens populate campus greenspaces (Marquette Wire)

9/12/17 - World-renowned nature photographer visits campus, advocates environmentalism (Marquette Wire)

9/8/17 - Compost in Schools is an A+ (Compost Crusader)

8/29/17 - Beehive installed on Engineering Hall rooftop (Marquette Wire)

4/28/17 - Marquette celebrates first Earth Day Mass (Campus Ministry)

4/27/17 - Earth week invites sustainable entertainment (Marquette Wire)

4/18/17 - Humphrey Hall operates paper-free (Marquette Today)

9/13/16 - MU hires new sustainability coordinator and adds environmental studies major (Marquette Wire)

4/23/15 - Lovell signs St. Francis Pledge in recognition of Earth Day (Marquette Wire)