Our Vision

To transform Marquette University discoveries and knowledge into products and services for public benefit through the protection and socially responsible licensing of intellectual property.

Our Mission

  • To connect Marquette inventors and discoveries with industry and community partners.
  • To facilitate investment in discoveries for further development.
  • To transform early-stage technologies into new products and services, enable their broadest dissemination for public benefit, and bolster our innovation ecosystem.

During the course of scholarship, research and education, Marquette University faculty, staff and students may create patentable inventions, copyrightable works and other forms of intellectual property that has scholarly, scientific and commercial value. Through Technology Transfer, the Office of Economic Engagement (OEE) promotes the discovery, advancement and sharing of knowledge through the protection and socially responsible licensing of intellectual property in keeping with Marquette’s research, education and service mission.

Who can use OEE Technology Transfer services?

The OEE Technology Transfer Office can help any Marquette faculty, staff or students. Under Marquette’s Intellectual Property Policy, any faculty, staff or students working on Marquette research or other Marquette projects must work with the Technology Transfer Office if the intellectual property is created:

  • within the scope of university employment, or
  • under university grants and contracts with governmental entities or other third parties, or
  • with significant use of Marquette University resources.