AnGST Constitution


We, the graduate students in the Marquette University Department of Theology, in order to organize our efforts and responsibilities and provide for appropriate representation to theology faculty, staff and administration, do hereby establish this Constitution for the Association of Graduate Students in Theology.

Article I: Name

The name of this organization shall be the Association of Graduate Students in Theology hereafter referred to as the Organization.

Article II: Purpose

The purpose of this Organization shall be to promote and encourage the spiritual, scholarly and social interests and activities of graduate students in theology, and provide opportunities for spiritual, scholarly and social interaction between theology students, faculty, staff and administration.


Article III: Membership

Section 1: Regular membership shall be open to any full or part time Marquette University graduate student in theology.

Section 2: Associate membership is not provided for at this time.

Section 3: Non-discrimination Clause. Consistent with all applicable federal and state laws and University policies, this organization and its subordinate bodies and officers shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, age, sexual orientation, religion, veteran's status, sex, national origin, or disability in its selection of members, educational programs, or activities.

Article IV: Board of Directors

Section 1: The board of directors of the Organization shall consist of five members elected from the membership at large.

Section 2: Election of board members shall be held annually in the spring semester for the following year. Either two or three members shall be elected to two-year terms, depending upon the number of open positions.

Section 3: Board members shall take office upon the completion of the Spring Semester, and shall serve for a period of two years.

Section 4: Board members must not be on academic or university probation at the time of their elections or at any time during their terms of office.

Section 5: Duties of Board members.

A. Organization business is conducted by the board member whose area of responsibility is most closely associated with the particular business item. One board member is assigned to each of the following five areas, which includes but is not limited to the following examples:

1. Administrative and Financial
Financial records and funds distributions, financial transactions with and liaison to department and university administration.

2. Social
Organize the new student orientation and welcome picnic, and other occasional social events.

3. Spiritual
Organize beginning of term / end of term prayer services and annual January retreat.

4. Intellectual
Organize faculty colloquia, annual Loyola/Marquette colloquium.

5. Communication
Promote and advertise various activities. Prepare and distribute flyers; promote communication between students and faculty/staff.

B. Checks must be co-signed by the board member responsible for finances and one other board member selected by the consensus of the board.

C. The board member responsible for conducting meetings is decided by consensus of the board.

Article V: Removal of Officers

Section 1: Board members failing to fulfill the given responsibilities and duties may be removed by the regular members of the organization.

Section 2: The removal of a board member requires a 2/3 vote of a quorum following the notification of the board member in question. Such notification shall be provided in writing no less than seven working days prior to the vote.

Article VI: Replacement of Officers

Section 1: If a board member should for any reason be unable to remain in office or fulfill the duties of that office, the position shall be filled by election immediately.

Section 2: A board member elected to a position under this article shall serve the remainder of the term of the vacant position.

Article VII: Meetings

Section 1: A regularly scheduled general meeting shall be held at least once each semester. The board members may call additional meetings when the need arises.

Section 2: A quorum shall consist of 40 percent of the regular members.

Section 3: A quorum shall be present in order for any official business to be conducted. Official business shall include elections of officers, setting of dues and any other major decisions affecting the organization.

Section 4: Parliamentary Authority will be established by conformity to the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order.

Article VIII: Committees

Section 1: The officers of the organization shall have the authority to create any committees, standing or special, that will further the purpose of the organization.

Article IX: Amendments

Section 1: All amendments to this constitution require notice of one week prior to being discussed and voted upon.

Section 2: All amendments require a 2/3 vote of a quorum for adoption.

Section 3: Amendments become effective only after approval by both the Office of Student Development.