Free Tutoring

Tutoring services are provided free of charge for all Marquette students. We offer tutoring for most freshman and sophomore courses (1000 and 2000 levels), which include a wide variety of undergraduate subjects. New for Fall 2022, tutoring will be provided in both small group and large group formats. See below for more information on these different style groups.

Small Group Tutoring

Small group tutoring will be offered for the following subjects:

  • ACCO 1030, ACCO 1031, BIOL 1001, BIOL 1002, BUAD 1560, CHEM 1001, CHEM 1002, ECON 1103, ECON 1104,  MATH 1400, MATH 1450, MATH 1700, PHYS 1003, PHYS 1002, PHYS 1004, PSYC 1001

Various small groups for these listed subjects will be offered throughout the week. Students will be required to sign up for the group(s) they would like to attend. Students may sign up for 1 group per subject they are enrolled in. Groups meet at the same time each week, so it is important that students select a group that works with their schedule. Groups will consist of 1 tutor and up to 6 students. Sign up for small groups will go live on the first day of class.  Students can sign up on our Sign Up page.

Large Group Tutoring

Large group tutoring will be available for the following subjects:

  • BISC 2015, BISC 2016, BISC 3135, BISC 3213, CHEM 2111, CHEM 2112, EXPH 2045, EXPH 2110, EXPH 2115, NURS 2100, NURS 2110, NURS 2200

Large group tutoring sessions will not require students to sign up. Students can attend as many large group tutoring sessions per week as they would like. Sessions will be 60-90 minutes in length, including structured review and time for Q&A. Large group sessions will have 2 tutors present leading the session. The schedule for our large group tutoring sessions will be provided on our Sign Up page once available.

Tutor at board teaching

CRLA Certified (College of Reading and Learning Association)

The Marquette University Tutoring Program is certified by the College of Reading and Learning Association (CRLA). In adherence with certification requirements, all tutors are required to complete 10 hours of training upon hire. To ensure they continue to develop their skills, we offer additional training throughout the semester. For more information, visit our CRLA page.

Courses We Support

We support most freshman and sophomore (1000 and 2000 level) courses. For more detailed information regarding the courses we support, please see our Courses We Support page. Humanities and other courses not listed are supported by academic services and/or direct professor office hours. Please see our Resources page for more information.